Idgc Of The South’s Mission

Being a professional business team, we create the basis for sustainable development of the economy of the Southern Russian regions, relying on the consolidation of energy assets and improvement of the power supply efficiency, as well as on best practices of each employee of the Company and our partners.

We constantly care about the advanced development of grids, ensuring the accessibility and availability of electricity to the consumers wherever, whenever and to whatever extent they need.

We are committed to create favourable working conditions for each of our employees so that they are able to deliver on their potential and preserve their health.

The role and mission of IDGC of the South are associated with expectations of the key market players:

  • for Investment Banking professionals – the Company as a tool for making investments to ensure their payback, reliability, profitability, and liquidity;
  • for consumers – the Company aimed at the high-quality provision of services, high quality and reliable power supply, timely and transparent grid connection;
  • for regions and local authorities – the Company ensuring the economic needs of transmission capacities, a reliable partner for the executive authorities of the Russian Federation subjects in planning and implementing the regional programmes of territorial development; the Company is a diligent taxpayer and employer;
  • for employees - a diligent employer, an efficiently organised company, which has a transparent and clear corporate governance system, that provides opportunities for the maximum development of the employees’ potential.

Our mission is to ensure reliable and stable electricity supply to meet the evolving needs of the economy and society, with a fair transparent pricing that makes our services affordable to consumers.