Reducing Energy Losses

IDGC of the South on the priority basis implements the comprehensive measures aimed at optimising (reducing) the level of losses.

In 2017, due to these measures, the total savings in reducing the electrical energy losses amounted to 281 mn kWh worth a total of RUB 706.7 mn.

Over 12 months of 2018, the Company held the following measures to reduce the electricity losses in its power grids:

  • organisational measures (taking readings and checking electricity meters, raids to detect off-the-meter electricity consumption, optimisation of power grids operation modes, phase load balancing, etc.) – the volume of electricity savings amounted to 227 mn kWh (81.1% of total result of the Programme to reduce electricity losses);
  • technical measures (the repair programme procedures: power grid equipment replacement, disaggregation of the power grid, replacement of branches to incoming lines, installation of self-supporting insulated wire (SIW) – the volume of electricity savings amounted to 1.7 mn kWh (0.6% of total result of the Programme to reduce electricity losses);
  • updating the electricity metering system (construction of the automated electricity metering system, installation of communal (building-level) meters at incoming lines to apartment buildings, installation of high-voltage meters, electricity accounting meters and consumers’ electricity meters, etc.) – the volume of electricity savings amounted to 51 mn kWh (18.3% of total result of the Programme to reduce electricity losses).

In 2018, IDGC of the South automated 164.6 thous. points of metering (142.4% of the target).

Since July 20 to August 19, 126 specialists of IDGC of the South have taken part in the all-Russian training of power engineers in Dagestan. They replaced 382 damaged PTL towers, installed 26 km of self-supporting insulated wires instead of bare wires, 1.5 thous. smart meters and over 200 data collection and transmission devices. The work plan for specialists of IDGC of the South was delivered by 112–121%.

In 2018, IDGC of the South reduced losses in the power grids by 61.8 mn kWh, exceeding the target by 0.23%. Electricity loss rate amounted to 9.8% in 2018.

In the reporting year, specialists of IDGC of the South intercepted over 4.4 thous. deeds of off-the-meter and non-contractual electricity consumption in total volume of above 218 mn kWh.

In 2018, on the initiative of IDGC of the South, 168 websites and online shops were blocked and excluded from the unified register of internet resources for the distribution of information on electricity theft ways and sales of tampered electricity meters, which is forbidden in Russia.

In 2018, the Company installed the intelligent electricity metering systems, thereby saving over 41.5 mn kWh, 102.9 thous. smart meters (50 thous. smart meters are planned to be installed in 2019) under the energy services contracts.