The Company’s Youth Policy

Within the framework of the youth policy, the Company constantly interacts with educational institutions. The most important focus areas in the reporting year are as follows:

Career guidance

As part of work with school children, the Company holds open days at its facilities, a profession-oriented Olympiad and energy classes for senior pupils and supports the #vmesteyarche and Ticket to Future (ProyeKTOriya) Festivals.

With the aim of vocational orientation of schoolchildren, increasing the prestige of the energy industry professions and identifying talented young people, from 2018, ROSSETI holds at its subsidiaries and affiliates the All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympiad among 9th and 10th grade pupils in three subjects: physics, mathematics and computer science. The winners of the Olympiad gain the right to take part in Energy Project Session supported by ROSSETI.

In 2018, 262 pupils from IDGC of the South contested in this Olympiad. The winners were two participants, one of them took part in ROSSETIEnergy Project Session held in Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok. Basing on results of training session, the participant from IDGC of the South represented the project of his group “Proactive analysis of the technical condition of transformers based on Big Data technologies”. This project won the third place in semi-final of ENERGOPRORYV, all-Russian Competition of innovative projects and designs in electric power engineering.

In 2018, the Mobile Energy Class was created at the branch of DGC of South, Volgogradenergo. The purpose of this class is to enable senior pupils and employable youth in remote rural areas to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the electric power industry. Thanks to the Mobile Energy Class, rural youth can undergo vocational training in a working specialty of electrical engineering (with a state-approved certificate) and find a job in an RPG at their place of residence. Once the training is over, the Mobile Energy Class is disassembled and transported to another remote area of ​​electrical grids to train the next group of schoolchildren.

  • Organisation of production and pre-graduation practices of students of industry-specific schools at the Power Grid Complex facilities.

In 2018, 524 students passed production and pre-graduation practices in divisions of IDGC of South.

Organisation of specialists target training in specialty “electric-power engineering and electrical engineering” for the further employment in the Company.

In the reporting year, as part of targeted intake to higher education institutions from IDGC of the South, 78 target students received higher education, among them 21 people were enrolled in high school in 2018.

Student brigades at the Company’s objects

In the reporting year, during the summer labour season, 110 students of core specialties worked at the facilities of IDGC of the South. On the basis of performance, the members of the best student brigage of the Company took part in the events dedicated to the closure of the ninth labour season of ROSSETI’s student brigades within the All-Russian Gathering of Student Brigades (October 2018, Rostov-on-Don).

In 2018, together with Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University, the basic department “Smart Grids” was established. It will provide training in the specialty 13.03.02 “Electric-power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” (bachelor and mater degree levels), training areas: “Relay Protection and Automation of Power Systems”, “Electric Power Systems and Grids”, and “Electric Stations”.

The main objective of the basis department is to provide the Company with young professionals who are capable of servicing digital substations. The knowledge gained will enable them to become specialists in three areas at once: relay protection and automation, automated process control systems, and IT technologies.

Work with young specialists

In order to develop the potential of youth talent pools of IDGC of the South and in the course of solving actual scientific, engineering, managerial and other tasks encountered by the industry and the Company, young professionals in 2018 took part in forums and conferences of regional, industry and federal levels.