Assigning The Status Of The Guaranteeing Supplier

Based on Order No. 1139 of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated November 30, 2017 “On Appointment of the Territorial Grid Organisation as the Guaranteeing Supplier”, IDGC of the South executed functions of the guaranteeing supplier in Elista (the Republic of Kalmykia) in 2018. The status of the guaranteeing supplier was assigned on January 1, 2018. Kalmenergo’s proceeds from electricity sales in 2018 totalled RUB 847.3 mn. In 2018, it supplied 163.905 mn kWh of electricity to Elista retail market, including 162.671 mn kWh of electricity under power supply contracts. A total of 91.501 mn kWh was supplied to households and equivalent consumer categories, and 1.235 mn kWh — under sales contracts.

As the guaranteeing supplier, Kalmenergo serves 1,969 consumers, among them legal entities, private entrepreneurs and persons carrying on a trade or business, as well as 36,887 consumers related to the Households category.

The level of cash payments in the electricity retail market in 2018 was 84.7% against the target of 96.1%. An 11.9% underperformance was caused by poor payment discipline of the utilities consumers in Elista.

In 2018, the wholesale market cost of electricity and power purchase was RUB 375.865 mn (excl.VAT), with sales — RUB 4.329 mn, the balance was RUB 371.536 mn. The average purchase rate in 2018 was RUB 1,877.94 per MWh. The level of liability payments in the wholesale electricity market (WEM) in 2018 totalled 100%.