Introduction Of Professional Standards

In order to introduce professional standards into the practice of working with the staff of IDGC of the South, PJSC, in the executive office and branches of the Company established respective working groups.

In compliance with the approved schedule of professional standards introduction into activities of ROSSETI Group companies (approved by ROSSETI Order No.588р dated December 30, 2016), the Company developed and approved the Regulations on inducting professional standards, with timely meeting its requirements.

As part of the activities under the Regulations, 39 professional standards were listed as of December 31, 2018. In 2018, the share of positions and occupations covered by the professional standards was 49% (6,922.6 staffing positions) of the Company’s total staff perimeter.

As part of the efforts to ensure the compliance of IDGC of the South’s employees with professional standards, Rostov-on-Don Training Centre Energetic held training on professional development programmes. Following the results of training, 1,313 employees received the certificates of Worker.