Terms, abbreviations Definitions
AMS asset management system
APCS automated process control system
CPL cable power line
EBITDA earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation
FAS Federal Antimonopoly Service
FEC fuel and energy complex
FTS Federal Tariff Service
IDGC of the South, Company IDGC of South PJSC
IFRS international financial reporting standards
ITT information technology and telecommunications
JSC Joint-Stock Company
KPI key performance indicators
Last mile communication channel from service provider to subscriber
Media media organisations
NCC network control center
OHL overhead power line
PDZ power distribution zone
PL power line
Power loss the difference between mains and net power
PSP power system protection
RAS Accounting Regulations
RGR required gross revenue
research and development wholesale market for electricity and power
RTS Regional Tariff Service
SAC subsidiary and associated companies
SS substantion
TNO territorial network organization
UNEN United National Electrical Network
WS autumn-winter period